Range of products

I am glad that you have found the way to my workshop. Since I am working with a turning lathe I shape unique pieces which are equipped with genuine Swiss watch parts. Even noble materials such as real woods, damask, natural products, acrylic, carbon,
gold and rhodium are used and manufactured individually according to desire and personal ideas.

“The art of awakening emotions”

Wet shaver

Even the cave dwellers have shaved and today it is a cult. For many, shaving is the focus of their care routine.

“With a noble and elegant wet razor the time is ripe for a wonderful day”

Elegant, noble and unique in design with high quality pladdings and materials

  • Carbon / Gold / Rhodium
  • Original Swiss watch parts
  • Olive wood


The writing instruments have high-quality pladding and are equipped with the best springs and mechanisms.

"With passion & harmony beautiful, by beautiful writing"

  • Titanium gold, rhodium or black titanium fittings
  • durability and ultra smooth operation ceramic tip
  • Original watch parts

Ballpoint pen

The Ballpoint pen is more powerful than the keyboard, there is no delete button, and anyone who considers it a perfectionist today always has a pen with him. Sketching ideas or putting the words on paper with a writer before they evaporate again is effective and helpful.

The writing instruments have high-quality cladding and are equipped with the best mines and mechanisms.

  • Titanium Gold, Rhodium or Black Titanium Socket
  • Durable and supple ceramic tip
  • Mine and ink from Swiss production
  • Made by hand in Switzerland with genuine watch parts