The fountain pen is considered the epitome of handwriting and writing culture par excellence. Personal correspondence and important contracts are still preferably written with ink and stainless steel pen.

I use and recommend Peter Bock fountain pens. Bock springs stand for precision and quality and are among the best in the world. They are available in different sizes for different pens with different dot widths for different writing styles. They come in polished steel, gold plate and bi-color plate, solid titanium, both 14k and 18k solid gold and 23k solid palladium.

Stylograph / Rollerball / Ink ball pen

The fountain pen made of Titanium Gold is equipped with the best parts and mechanisms.

“Writing with passion and harmony using a beautiful writing tool”

  • Titanium gold
  • Durable and ultra smooth operating ceramic tips
  • ACME type cap thread for extra material strength
  • Swiss by hand made with original watch parts

Stylograph / Rollerball / Ink ball pen

Consisting of 100% gunine Blancpain watch parts on carbon. This is an extraordinary writing instrument; unique and elegant, perfect in technology and technology, stylish and noble in terms of all materials.

«With the Blancpain quality writing a document or certificate is an exquisite experience»

  • Titanium gold
  • Black titanium
  • 100% Blancpain watch parts
  • Ceramic Roller