The shaving brushes come from the home of Hans Baier Exclusive Rasierpinselfabrik. These are traditionally made without cutting the tips or bleaching the hair.
The finished brush head is later, depending on customer requirements, set with composite means in the desired grip.

Hair qualities:
With the shaving brush basically 3 hair qualities are used:

Gray Badger: The dark and coarser hair from the belly and leg area
Zupfen Badger: These lighter hairs come from the back area and are already much softer and brighter than the gray tench
Silvertip: The silvertip comes from the badger’s crest, on top of the back. Silvertip are the finest hair. And the finer the hair, the finer the lather, the better the foam can wrap around the stubble and the soap can well develop its active ingredients, which soften the beard hair.

Vegan: Synthetic hair as a very robust synthetic hair as a replacement for badger hair. Synthetic hair is very resilient and vegan.

Shaving brush «Time»

Unique shaving brush made of Silvertip badger hair with carbon handle, black chrome and watch parts.
There is a complete watch movement in the bottom

  • Carbon
  • Clock and watch parts
  • Clockwork
  • Black chrome
  • Badger hair silvertip